Psychotherapy for Depression, Anxiety,
Substance Abuse Recovery, and Relationship Issues

• Would you like to become empowered for lasting change?
• Would you like to have more confidence and emotional strength?
• Would you like to learn how to change habits, feel better, and move forward in your life?

If any of these are true for you, you have come to the right place: 

My name is Judith Bobbe and I am a highly skilled therapist who can help you to break through obstacles in yourself which inhibit your success and your happiness. Here are some of the ways I can be of service to you:

◦ I provide a safe consistent relationship in which to explore your feelings and develop solutions.

◦ I can help you to learn coping tools for recovery from depression, anxiety and/or substance abuse, which will build on your strengths and cultivate your confidence.

◦ I am patient in helping you to understand your emotions, and to learn how to feel your feelings without being controlled by them.

◦ I am dedicated to helping you as a whole person to be more creative, joyful and productive.

We will explore together to help you to understand and work with your emotions, so that you can stop feeling stuck. 

If you need to heal unresolved grief, anger or trauma, I will patiently support you to be with difficult emotions, in order to heal.

You will grow in your ability to understand your life, and learn how to make decisions that will move you forward in self-acceptance.

I will work with you to develop your own unique strengths, enabling you to feel more confident and optimistic.

You may need help for an immediate crisis, or to work on long-standing issues which you want to change. 

I will help you to experience the best in yourself, and to actualize your strengths for a more happy and successful life.

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