I can help you to learn how to be more relaxed and to live a life unhindered by anxiety.

Together we can understand the roots of the anxiety, and you can learn strategies to diminish its power. I will help you to work with your thoughts, feelings, breath, and body awareness, to develop a positive and healthy environment within yourself.

In its simplest form, anxiety can be a helpful signal to us that something needs to be attended to.  Something is wrong and we need to think about a solution. Maybe we forgot to pay a bill and a nagging sensation of anxiety alerts us to take action. 

Anxiety can also become a problem in itself, when it is experienced too often or too intensely, inhibiting a fully functioning life. An anxiety problem can be mildly irritating, or disabling to a person’s ability to function.

Some indications of an anxiety problem might be:

  • insomnia
  • constant worry
  • a vague continual feeling of uneasiness
  • compulsive behaviors
  • fear of social situations
  • racing heartbeat and difficulty breathing
  • racing, repetitive thoughts
  • a series of changes or transitions in life have made it difficult to feel as confident and stable as usual
  • digestive problems,  persistent headaches 

You can learn how to reduce the draining effects of anxious thoughts, feelings, and tensions in the body. You will be more in control of anxiety once it starts, and be able to recognize what you can do to calm yourself. The anxiety problem will diminish. 

Tools such as deep relaxation and breathing exercises which directly affect the nervous system to create calm, are extremely useful. Mindfulness- based cognitive therapy helps to stabilize your emotions and your life. 

You will develop more confidence in yourself.  You will have more energy and strength in order to deal with changes in your life, and will be able to move forward with greater ease and clarity.

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