You can get better and enjoy your life.

With help, you can discover how you, as a unique person, can develop your strengths, heal, and create a life that is productive and enjoyable.

Depression does not have to be a life sentence.

Healing is a journey of self discovery and with support, you can do it.

I will work with you at whatever pace is right for you to resolve your issues, drawing on your own strengths and insights. I will support you to work through feelings which perhaps you had to push away in the past, and this will enrich your life.

You can learn how to integrate and heal all of the parts of who you are.

Depression can appear in many different forms:

insomnia, constant worrying, feelings of hopelessness and stagnation, inability to focus and concentrate, weight gain, or loss of appetite. 

Other symptoms of depression may be:

  • Low motivation for accomplishing goals
  • Feeling emptiness, or persistent sadness
  • Can appear as physical ailments like chronic headaches or digestive problems
  • Decreased energy, or exhaustion, despite a state of physical health
  • Inability to focus 
  • Difficulty making decisions 
  • Isolation
  • Persistent and unresolved grief, causing feelings of pessimism
  • Feelings of fear and avoidance
  • Thoughts of suicide

If you feel that you have no refuge from negative thoughts and feelings, or that you are listless and unmotivated in your life, I can help you. If you sometimes feel like you are in a fog and cannot think clearly, then psychotherapy for depression can be extremely beneficial. There might be patterns of behavior that you know are not good for you and these can be changed.

Whatever your issues are, I can help you to reduce the problems inside yourself that make you unhappy .

Psychotherapy for depression consists of:

  • Resolving and healing loss, anger or grief issues
  • Developing understanding of your past
  • Identifying negative thoughts and feelings to decrease their intensity and control over your life
  • Developing strategies to increase activity level
  • Setting goals and strategies to achieve them
  • Developing positive thoughts and cultivating your strengths      
  • Learning new skills which develop confidence and optimism, including Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, breathing exercises and journaling

The integration of tools such as meditation, mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, and yoga are extremely beneficial. Breathing exercises help to create mood change by directly affecting the nervous system.

You deserve a life that makes you feel happy, creative and productive.

I can help you to get there.

For more information or to get help with depression or related issues, please call Judith at 773-650-1329 or email her at: