Meditation: Empowerment and Freedom

  • How can I become empowered for change and move forward in my life?
  • How can I learn to be calmer?
  • How can I feel brave and assured in myself?


The true self in each person is limitless and eternal. This is why we meditate- to connect with that part of us that is luminous, timeless, peaceful and still. It is deeper than our emotions, our moods, and our thoughts, which are always changing.

This well of inner light helps us to discern what we really need, and how to listen to ourselves.

Consistent meditation practice provides a space for developing inner strength and stability, which is an unrivaled source of reassurance and courage.

Confidence, bravery, clarity and persistence all come from a strong connection to the inner self, experienced and nurtured in meditation.

I am here to teach you, simply and systematically, how to meditate, and, to support you in integrating regular practice into your life. I provide guidance and encouragement for the questions, doubts, and concerns which arise, so that you can sustain and develop your practice. 

Many people have trouble with meditation, and give up but we will find ways to help you to persist, and to benefit from practice.

 I will work patiently with you to see which processes, or methods, actually work for you. You will learn how to relax into your own deepest and most subtle energy, which is nourishing and nurturing.

You will become less reactive to the stresses of life, so that you can be more efficient, productive and optimistic.

You will be empowered to discover and accomplish your goals in life, and to feel more contentment. You will be more creative, patient, and strong.