Recovery and Addictions

Recovery from an addiction is a challenging yet very promising experience. When you make the decision to get help, a whole world full of potential becomes available. You can get to really know yourself and your strengths as never before.

I can help you to develop new abilities for a healthy successful lifestyle. 

Maybe you are not sure that you have a real problem with drugs/alcohol, but there are indications in your life that things are not right. Perhaps other people who care about you are worried about your drug or alcohol use but you don’t see it as a problem.

I can help you to look at all of the parts of your life more objectively, to see how they are working, in order to help you to clarify whether you are being hindered or helped by your drug/alcohol use, or any other kind of addictive pattern.

I will work with you at your own pace. If you want to stop, or to reduce, using drugs/alcohol, I can help you to develop motivation to tackle your existing patterns, weighing the costs and benefits of changing your life.

Recovery is about the whole person, including all issues of emotional growth and stability, any unresolved losses, relationships, and the ability to cope well with life.

You can grow to love your life, free of restricting or destructive habits which have thwarted you in the past.

Developing motivation for change is a very personal process. I collaborate with you, building on your own insights.

I work patiently and persistently to help you to maximize your strengths, understand your emotions, and master new skills, to live the life of health and success that you want.

For more information or to get help with Recovery or related issues, please call Judith at 773-650-1329 or email her at: